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If you suspect that your child may have allergies

The best treatment for allergies is to avoid the thing that the child has an allergic reaction to in the first place. Often it is not possible to avoid something completely, but you can take a number of measures to reduce the child’s exposure.

When symptoms persist despite these measures, various allergy medications are available. For example, some antihistamines block the immune system from releasing histamine into the blood, stopping allergic reactions before they start or slow them down once they have begun.


Anaphylactic reaction (anaphylaxis) in children

If you suspect that your child is having an anaphylactic reaction, you should call 911 immediately to get medical attention, since this condition can worsen rapidly and become life-threatening.

Children who have previously had an anaphylactic or serious allergic reaction should carry a dose of epinephrine that can be injected by the child or by his or her parents at the first signs of anaphylaxis. Epinephrine is a hormone that helps to open the airways and improve breathing, improves blood pressure, and decreases the allergic reaction in the body.

Animal / human bites in children

The child has been bitten by an animal or a human, with puncturing or breakage of the skin. A doctor should examine the wound within a few hours and assess the risk of infection and the need for a tetanus vaccination. The doctor will decide whether the child should be treated with antibiotics to prevent infection. If it is more than five years since the child has had a tetanus vaccination, a tetanus booster may be recommended. This should be administered within 48 hours.

The child has been bitten by a wild animal or by an animal of unknown rabies vaccination status. Rabies is potentially life-threatening; rabies vaccination, if indicated, needs to be administered as soon as possible after a bite.

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