Are your children safe online? If you think they should even think about it. Studies made show some shocking statistics. One of the five young Internet users received a sexual solicitation online a period of years. Almost one-third were their home address. Like most parents, you probably want to protect your children, but feel a lack of technical knowledge, take action. Fortunately there is a group of companies, organizations make up the Internet to keep the Coalition teamed, a safe, a Web site, At, parents can access free tools leading to technical measures need to take them 10 to protect their children online. Developed in partnership with Internet safety leader Symantec, expands the tutorial from the filter, as well as fraud, safe browsing, you’re looking for, how to monitor the use of the child on the Internet. Web site contains a list of safety tips for children, as well as cubicles and game with security information. These are also useful tips for parents:

• Keep the computer in the room shared inside the House and show location, so that it can be available to the public.

• Rules for online use, teach children important security policy.

• Software blocking or filtering software, but don’t rely on it, as your only line of Defense.

• To teach children that online, people aren’t always who they say they are.

• Frequently check which sites your children visit the history of the Internet.

• Monitoring your child’s account. Let them know you are doing it and why. Spend time with your children online.

• View your favorite Web sites. If you see something suspicious, or your child may think a victim of Internet use, call the police, the FBI, the National Center for missing children