RhabdoidKids Health Center believes in the importance of continuity in care. It is important to keep a child in his/her regular setting for as long as possible. This is accomplished through the upgrading of health and safety standards, training, and the provision of mildly ill child care in the child’s traditional setting. A Pediatric Health Assistant resides in many centers and aids in the continued quality of upgraded standards and facilitates the mildly ill program. However, once children are deemed to be moderately ill, and must be excluded from their traditional child care center, they may be admitted to a RhabdoidKids Health Center site. Each child must have a diagnosis from their pediatrician. The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and the nursing staff have direct communication with the parent and/or pediatrician throughout the day as necessary.

Each RhabdoidKids Health Center facility has the capability to care for ill children with qualified child care professionals on staff. In addition, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and additional nursing care is available on site in order to properly care for the ill children. Children and families are treated with respect. Each child is guided to participate in activities equivalent to their level of wellness. The key component to our success is the communication that is offered between the staff, parents, physicians, child care centers and schools.